Tasha 2018

Singer, poet, and Black queer organizer from Chicago, IL.

Believers T-Shirt

We believers in softness here
The Color Pink
Believe in Fuck The Police Poetry
Believe in our Hearts as Heaven
Believe in Bath Time
Believe in Bubbles on my Nose and Warm Water
I Believe in my Bed



"Divine Love" is also available on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

Raised in Chicago, TASHA started out where many notable Chicago artists have- participating in Young Chicago Authors at just 15. “It was writing and performing that allowed me to appreciate and love my blackness,” says TASHA. In 2016, TASHA released her first project, Divine Love. Armed with an electric guitar, she seamlessly incorporates poetry into her sets; speaking on Black joy, self-love, and radical softness. Her work for nonprofit, BYP100, is also a source of inspiration for TASHA’s art. She believes in a world without police and prisons, and uses her art, above all else, as a vessel for revolution, liberation, and love.

Upcoming Shows

June 19th Starlight Concert Series Juneteenth Celebration

June 21st Chicago Community Bond Fund Summer Party

June 23rd Queer the Pier with Adam Ness

June 30th Subterranean with Nadine + Remember Sports